About Me

As a very little girl in England, I loved to look at the summer-dry fields of hay, at a flat landscape made severe by the action of harvesters. On migrating to Australia, I discovered another version of the severe rural landscape: wider stretches, dry red earth, still and flat, a harsh demanding sky. When we moved to the Middle East, there it was again, the severe landscape, dry, brittle, windswept, sand-blasted, mountain-tall.
Late in life these feelings and images were revived when I discovered that I was not, as I had supposed, an abstract painter, but a landscape textile artist. Everything I do seems to end up with a foreground, a background and a sky. It was quite a revelation, continuing to unfold as I work, continuing to confound me.
My art process, like any good terra forming, is a many-layered one. It starts with using dyes as paints on silk, muslin, fleece and spun wool. Several rounds of felting meld different coloured fleeces with fabric. I will felt them together again and again. At some point, stitching takes over as the dominant method, but more felting ensues, as I wait, ever patient, for the piece to tell me that it has had enough and is finished.



  • To the Point, Antipodes Gallery, Sorrento.


  • Finalist, Expressions 2010: The Wool Quilt Award, National Wool Museum, Geelong, September 2010 to January 30, 2011
  • Southern Lands, invitational art textile show, travelling to Germany & France
  • Finalist, BUDA Textile Prize, Castlemaine, Vic
  • Good Grief, group exhibition exploring response to loss, Chapel on Station Gallery, Box Hill
  • Finalist, Embroidery with Wool, Embroiderers Guild, Victoria


  • Finalist, Art Quilt '09, Canberra, ACT
  • Finalist, The Art of Recycling, Textile Art Festival, Brisbane
  • Transformation: The Scarf Festival 2009, National Wool Museum, Geelong, Vic
  • Finalist, From the Ground, Chapel on Station, Box Hill, Vic
  • Finalist, My Place, international travelling textile art exhibition
  • Textile Expressions, group exhibition, Ross House Gallery, Toorak, Vic


  • Finalist, Make It University, various locations, USA
  • From the Stock Room, Chapel on Station Gallery, Box Hill, Vic
  • Finalist, World Quilt Competition, various locations, USA
  • BSG Small Works Show, Melbourne
  • Finalist, with 7/8ths Group, Expressions 2008: Wool Quilt Prize, National Wool Museum, Geelong, Vic


  • OP3RA: Act II, Chapel on Station Gallery
  • Linden Postcard Show
  • Finalist, Beyond the Border, Yarrawonga
  • One Step Further Retrospective, Wangaratta, Vic
  • The Sustainable Living Festival, Federation Square, Melbourne


  • Finalist, Refabricating difference, Springwood, NSW
  • Finalist, Dare to Differ, SA Quilter ís Guild;
  • OP3RA, Chapel on Station Gallery, Box Hill, Vic
  • Finalist, Fabricate, Embroiderers Guild Victoria
  • Finalist, In the Beginning, Chapel on Station Gallery
  • Finalist, Art Quilts at the Sedgwick, Philadelphia, USA
  • Finalist, Changing the World, One Thread at a Time, Tubac, USA & at Val d'Argent Expo, France
  • Across Australia, Group Exhibition, The Netherlands, France, various places in Middle East, including Palestine & Israel (to 2007)


  • Challenge 2005, Group Exhibition, Japan, France & Australia (to 2007)
  • Stranded: Common Thread, Group Exhibition, Steps Gallery, Carlton
  • Finalist, One Step Further, Vic. Quilters Art Quilt Show


  • Finalist, Expressions 2004: Wool Quilt Prize, National Wool Museum, Geelong, Vic
  • Finalist, One Step Further, Vic. Quilters Art Quilt Show


  • Finalist, Daffodil Day Arts Awards, Cancer Council of Victoria
  • Stranded: New Statements in Stitch, Ararat Regional Gallery, Ararat, Vic
  • Stranded: Remnants, Highway Gallery, Mt Waverley, Vic
  • Strands of Stranded Reprise Show, Obscurity Pictures Gallery, North Fitzroy, Vic


  • Stranded: Statements in Stitch, Box Hill Institute graduate exhibition Highway Gallery, Mt Waverley, Vic